Contract in less than 2 weeks!

"Donna was recommended to me by a friend whose house she marketed and sold. She had my house under contract in less than 2 weeks of putting it on the market. Donna was easy to contact and quick to respond to my questions/concerns."

- Mary Ann H.

Contract within a couple of weeks!

"The video was GREAT! We had a contract within a couple of weeks of being on the market."

- Martha S.

Communication Easy

"Very good Job! Donna made it easy for me to communicate with her."

- Charlie H.

Patience and Integrity

"Donna, "A man's true weath is the good that he does in this world to his fellow."
Thank you for your patience and integrity!"

- Carol A.,

Devoted to her work

"Donna's work ethic is second to none and her knowledge of the real estate business is very experienced. Perhaps, the greatest advantage she offers her clients is the tireless hours she devotes to work."

- Peter H

Great Advice

"Thanks for all your help. We are very pleased with your services and both agree that you give great advice which we are both in need of!"

- Shaffer & Lindsey H.

Donna Fitts knows her stuff!

"Really like Donna Fitts! She knows her stuff. We are excited to get started with her. Allen pressure washed the driveway and I've already got my list going to pack up picture frames and do some serious staging!"

- Stacy & Allen W

Easy to Communicate With.

"We have worked Donna on several previous sales and purchases. She is easy to relate to and communicate with... that is why we like working with Donna."

- Forney & Joyce H.

Marketing Video

"Thank you Donna, The video looks just like I would hope."

- Linda S,

Professionalism & Confidence

"Donna handled the sale of our house with professionalism and confidence. We knew we could trust her. She certainly helped us out of a difficult situation and we feel lucky to have had her represent us. Donna's extensive knowledge of the Short Sale Process was a key factor in our choosing her and she certainly lived up to our expectations."

- Keith D

Repeat Customer

"We have worked with Donna on several transactions and have been satisified with her service. WE highly recommend her."

- Trish M,

Donna goes the EXTRA Mile for her clients

"Donna is a great REALTOR to work with . She works hard for her clients and always goes the extra mile. She has the knowledge to lead her clients through all the twist and turns of the home buying process. If you are looking for a reputable Realtor--Donna is a wonderful choice!"

- Tommy V

Donna was Intutive

"The Fitts team website was faciltative. Donna went beyond our expectations! She was intuitive about what we were looking for and worked hard to find the right property."

- Nick B.


"Donna was straight forward and easy to work with. Her professionalism was the BEST!"

- Dave & Maria M

Donna is a Go Getter

"Donna is a real "go getter". Any seller or buyer who chooses to work with her will be very grateful. She is a hard worker."

- Sandy M.

Virtual Tour

"You did a great job on the virtual tour! Thanks,"

- Gary B.

Donna is Genuine

"We give Donna a 20 on a scale of 1-10. She is genuine. She helped to make a complex process very simple."

- Mike & Beverly H.

Donna is on the ball!

"Donna Fitts is "on the ball" and did not drag her feet to get things started. She treated us with respect and showed she cared in every way. She ALWAYS answered her phone or got back to us right away. Donna is a fine example of a great RE/MAX agent!"

- Sherry & Dale S

Exactly What We Were Looking For

"All this marketing and all these updates are exactly what we were looking for. Thank you Donna!"

- Jonathan L.

Excellent Realtor

"Donna has always been an excellent realtor and friend. We have worked with her through several transactions and will do it again. She is knowledgble and very professional."

- Haley H,

Donna is the Best Realtor!

"Thank you for all that you did to get my house sold. Donna, you are the BEST. It was great comfort knowing that you cared. You gave me peace of mind."

- Ellie E

Thank you Donna

"I have to thank you for this information! This is more than the previous real etate agent ever offered me--short and concise."

- Amy F

We TRUST Donna

"Donna sold us a house in 2000... she has handled many transactions for us since. We like working with Donna because we can always trust her."

- Joe and Susan H,

Easy to Reach

"Donna was so approachable and honest. I was able to communicate with her on a very friendly basis. She was easy to reach and dependable. I will recommend her to my friends!"

- Frances L,

Pleasant Experience

"Extremely pleasant experience. I will definately call again."

- Paul S.


"Donna was the greatest! We had a great advantage woring with Donna to get our house sold."

- Angie D

Needed a Change

"We contacted Donna because we were not happy with our real estate agent and needed a change. We loved Donna's enthusiasm, professionalism and honesty."

- Jeff & Kathy K

Positive Attitude

"Donna is highly motivated, personable, trustworthy, well informing to her clients, and most of all a very positive person. She ALWAYS has a smile and professional attitude. Donna calms a client in trying moments and solves the problems quickly."

- James and Linda A.,

Easily Accessible

"Donna was great--she even left a Roll Tide monkey for my son! She was easily accessible and quick to return calls. Thanks for everything!"

- Denise M,

Hard Worker

"We remember Donna for the hard work she put in,,, and for her kindness. Thanks a million for all you do,"

- Nick & Peggy B


"Donna was enthusiastic and helpful. The best thing about Donna was here HONESTY!"

- Stephanie & Lee G.

Always Available

"Thank you Donna for you help. We appreciated having someone we felt we could trust. Overall our experience was very good. You were always available... even on short notice."

- Barb W.

She lived up to our expectations

"Donna handled the sale of our house with professionalism and confidence. We knew we could trust her. She certainly helped us out of a difficult situation and we feel lucky to have had her represent us. Donna's extensive knowledge of the Short Sale Process was a key factor in our choosing her and she certainly lived up to our expectations."

- Keith & Suzi M


"I was thankful for Donna's ability to get this crazy transaction done!"

- Kelli L,

Satisfied with Overall Service

"I chose Donna as my Realtor because of her prior success. I was satisfied with the overall service she provided."

- Gary B.

Marketing was GOOD

"Nice job on the pictures and the virtual tour."

- Mary P,

Straightforward Communication

"This purchase was a big step for us and we appreciated Donna's honesty and straightforward communication. We were very lucky to have Donna as our Realtor."

- Jon & Lisa A

Not Pushy!

"Working with the Donna was great because he was never pushy!"

- Charlene M

Utmost Integrity

"Donna treated a difficult situation with utmost integrity. I was very glad she was our agent!"

- Andrew M

Always Prompt

"Donna was easy to get in touch with, gave accurate information, paid attention to details, was professional, had outstanding knowledge about the market, enthusiastic and honest! Most of all Donna was always prompt when asked for information!"

- Shawn E.