Promise to Sellers


Donna Fitts' PROMISE to YOU
My goal is to get your property SOLD...
Phones are answered by US (usually me) 24/7
If I are on the phone I will return all calls promptly and if I am unavailable there is a specific message stating when calls will be returned... this usually only happens after hours and rarely even then.
Marketing your property to other agents thru mass email, MLS  and 20 plus websites.
We do Virtual Tours on our listings.
These tours are posted on the listings in MLS and all websites.
We are on over 20 websites. Some thru direct posting and some from "feeds" off of web sites.
To sum it all up... the goal is to MARKET your property not just list it. EXPOSE your property to as many potential buyers as possible and  be AVAILABLE to potential buyers and agents wanting to show (and hopefully sell) your property.
At anytime during our contract should you be unhappy with my services… all you have to do is tell me you wish to cancel the contract.