Welcome to a new, more comfortable way to purchase a home.

Donna Fitts' Buyers PROMISE
  1. Teach and refresh for you the Entire Home Buying Process. So you can make the most informed decisions.  I do not “sell” you a home.  The goal is to simply provide you with all the information you need to help you make the best decision for yourself as well as protect your best interest.  While advising you on resale advantages, financing, and negotiating, but the decision is yours to make!
  2. Be your personal Realtor® to help you through the entire process while helping you complete your due diligence in the Buyer Beware State.
  3. Help you obtain the absolute best financing FOR YOUR SITUATION. Keep in mind; you will have a much better experience when you use a loan officer/company that we recommend. Of course, you may use any lending institution. We advise you to call this company to get a pre-approval and to compare your purchasing power: Sam Davis/Home Town Mortgage/205-795-3886
  4. Show you money saving tips. We’ll show you how to save THOUSANDS of financing, insurance, home repairs, carpet cleaning, etc.
  5. Use all our resources to help YOU find and negotiate your home, including: Birmingham, Area Multiple Listing Service, salaried and/or commission paid team members, networking, Court House Retrieval Systems, automobile, gas, Computers, software, our rented space and equipment, and most importantly our Time and our 12 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE AND KNOW HOW SELLING HUNDREDS OF HOMES!
  6. Provide you with updated listings of all homes on the market that meet your Criteria on a daily basis via e-mail, snail mail, fax or phone.  E-mail is the preferred method!  The information that we provide will be the most current and most suitable.  Looking through home magazines will frustrate you because most of these homes have already sold or do not meet your criteria.
  7. Show you homes at times that are convenient to you.  Our goal is for you to always get the service you deserve. Of course, appointments must be made at reasonable times with proper advance notification.
  8. Complete a Neighborhood Analysis on any home in which you have serious interest.  To verify the value of the home you’re interested in, we will do an analysis of the surrounding homes to see what they’ve sold for.  The analysis will also show you what the particular home sold for in the past and what homes in the neighborhood are currently on the market for.  This report will document how the neighborhood is increasing in value.  This process is vital to your bottom line.
  9. Provide an estimated Net Sheet to show how much money you will need for  Closing.  Your mortgage broker  (Joey Mure/Wells Fargo Home Mortgage/205-290-1399 or Sam Davis/Home Town Mortgage/205-795-3886) will provide you with a Good Faith Estimate which will be even more specific.
  10. Facilitate and monitor closing procedures acting as a liaison between the mortgage company, the attorney’s office, the termite company, the home inspector, the seller, the title company, and the insurance company to ensure closing goes smoothly.  Remember, we are at the mercy of your lender.

Because you want the best home buying value in Birmingham, you agree to:

  1. Send us your pre-approval letter before you see any homes.  This letter will answer all your questions about credit and special programs that you qualify for.   We need this letter in order to negotiate the best possible purchase for you.
  2. Ride by the homes that interest you.  You’ll save yourself lots of time and hassle just by riding by the homes that interest you from the e-mails we send you. If you don’t like the neighborhood, you won’t want to live there.  Also, a house may look much better in a photo than it actually does.  So click on the address in the MLS data sheet we email to you and if it looks like the location is convenient then drive by to check out the neighborhood. You may discover that you want to concentrate on just a few neighborhoods after riding through them.
  3. See homes only in your price range.  It would be a waste of all of our time if we show you homes that are above or below what you want o spend.  We recommend seeing homes listed no more than $3,000 to $5,000 over your price range.
  4. Make showing appointments no later than 24 hours in advance.  After hours and weekends are acceptable for seeing homes as long as you schedule your requested showing time at least 24 hours prior to the time that is convenient for you.  Because we want to be available for you when you want to view houses... the more notice we have the better we  will be able to prepare information to help you with very important decisions. Sunday showings must be after 1:00.   If you have to cancel a showing appointment, please call us as soon as possible so we can have the appropriate time to call home seller to reschedule.
  5. Limit the number of homes you want to see during any showing apointment  When scheduling homes to see, we recommend visiting no less than 3 per appointment so you’ll have comparisons.   We will not be able to see more than 8 per appointment because any more than this will confuse you; they’ll start to run together.  According to the National Association of Realtors, the average buyer sees 10 homes before buying one; often times it’s the very first one he or she sees.  If for some reason you have not found the home you want during the first ten showings and continue to look, after seeing 30 homes you agree to sit down with us to re-evaluate your wants, needs and expectations so we can help you find exactly what you want. 

Additonal Information

AVAILABILITY:  Please feel free to contact us anytime at 205-527-9605. You can also email me at: SOLD@FittsTeam.com

CONDITION OF PROPERTY AND NECESSITY OF INSPECTION:  Buyer acknowledges and agrees that we are as Realtors are not experts on the condition of any property and make NO representations whatsoever about the condition or its suitability for Buyer’s intended purposes.  We recommend that you hire a Home Inspector to complete an inspection on the property you want to buy, and that your decision to consummate the closing of such house will be based entirely on what the home inspector advises.  It is the Buyer’s responsibility, NOT the agent’s, to find any problem associated with such property.  Buyer acknowledges and agrees that once Buyer has closed on such property; all activity surrounding property becomes the responsibility of the Buyer.  You agree to hold RE/MAX Advantage South harmless.


LIMITED CONSENSUAL DUAL AGENCY: RE/MAX Advantage South listed property.  Buyer realizes that RE/MAX Advantage South is the agent of the Owner of any property listed with RE/MAX Advantage South may not act as a Buyer’s agent and as a Sellers agent simultaneously.  If Buyer agrees to see home listed withE/MAX Advantage South, as long as seller consents to the same, Buyer agrees to limited consensual dual agency where RE/MAX Advantage South, represents both parties in one transaction fairly and without revealing ANY confidential information of either party to the other.

As the Buyer you will have to decide whether you agree to be shown RE/MAX Advantage South  listed properties. The advantages to including these properties on you list are that you will not be limiting your property search AND the accesibility to the listing agent for additional information needed.

Buyer understands that a written consent form must be completed and signed by both Buyer and Seller in order for RE/MAX Advantage South  to act as a limited consensual dual agent.  Certain differences or conflicts of interest may arise when one company represents both parties in the transaction.

COMPETING BUYERS  Buyer realizes that (your company) represents many buyers and may be showing them the same properties for sale to others and may end up in a situation where (your company) represents competing buyers for the same property.

 RECOMMENDATIONS/REFERRALS:   We will gladly provide you with the names of companies and/or people who can help you in certain situations.  But, we do not warrant the service of the products provided by anyone except our company.  You are always FREE to use any professional you choose during the process of the transaction.  You agree to release us from any liability and responsibility pertaining to any referrals of products or services.  

NON-DISCRIMINATION:  It is illegal to discriminate in the sale or lease of real estate because of race, color, religion, handicap, familial status, sex, or national origin.  But not for meanness or hatefulness.  We reserve the right to cancel this agreement at any time if a Buyer is mean, unruly, unreasonable, too demanding, or does not follow the steps laid out in this Agreement which he or she has committed to do in order to take an active role in his or her own search.

To sum it all up... our goal is to be your Real Estate Information Center. We are AVAILABLE to you when you need us but we will NOT push you to purchase... you will know when (and if) you are ready to buy... we will be available when that time come!